LandTech AEPC Pvt Ltd providing one step solution for various Comprehensive Architectural services such as.

Master Planning


Feasibility study

Facilities Planning

Detailed Engineering Design

Conceptual design studies


Site selection studies and evaluation

Project feasibility analysis

Land use and zoning analysis

Design guidelines

Facility layout planning


Sustainable land planning

Rainwater water harvesting / Storm water planning

Sustainable Material options

Indoor/ outdoor lighting solutions

Energy Optimization


Conceptual Development.

Programming & Space planning

Design development

Furniture Design

Finishes selection

Turn key solutions

landtech Interior


Reliable program, project and construction management from start to finish

With full program and construction/project management services, LandTech is a reliable, capable, and trustworthy partner to our clients in the successful and safe completion of their projects and programs. Over 90 percent of our company’s work is repeat business from loyal customers; demonstrating the value of the long-term relationships we build with our clients. Landtech serves both Private and Public projects with the highest integrity Each client’s requirements are unique, so our collaborative and flexible teams approach each program differently.

LandTech AEPC Pvt Ltd can deliver total design and construction management using our own talented resources, or we can orchestrate the work of outside architects, engineers, and contractors, or we can facilitate a combination of both to best suit the project requirements. From the pre-construction phase to construction to post-construction, LandTech functions as an extension of our clients, putting their best interests first and handling every aspect of design and construction delivery.

Our Services Include :

Program planning, oversight, & controls

Master schedule development & updating

Master budget development & tracking

Design development/management

Bid support/RFQ-RFP development

Alternative project delivery approaches

Contract administration

Contractor management

project manage

Cost estimating

Value engineering

Project controls

Inspection & testing

Change order management

Claims management/mitigation

Dispute resolution

Preventative maintenance plans

Building maintenance transition


LandTech AEPC Pvt Ltd offers a broad range of traffic and transportation services.

Minor, Major, Complex Highway Design – DPR Works

Urban Roadway Design, Rail Station Design

Streetscape Design

Interchange Planning & Design

Urban Transportation Planning Study

Traffic Impact Study

Traffic Planning for Region/Corridor

Intelligent Transportation System

Detailed Project Report

Feasibility Study for PPP and BOT/BOOT

Parking Analysis and Design of Parking facilities

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Whether you’re planning a new township or redesigning the core of a city or developing industrial Park/SEZ/FTWZ LandTech has the required experience.

We provide a holistic approach to land-use planning, Integrating Architecture and Urban Designing & Engineering

LandTech AEPC Pvt Ltd helps minimize your construction cost on earthwork, Stormwater, road/Civil Infrastructure for your projects by providing quality land development site design with our international expertise on best civil engineering design & practice, thus maximize your property value.

Master Land Use Planning

Storm water Master Plan

Environmental Permitting

Infrastructure Planning & Analysis

Due Diligence Investigation

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We have a team of professionals that are specifically dedicated to all aspects of surface water management analysis, design and permitting. The dedicated nature of this team allows them to stay up to date on current issues and advancements related to surface water management. They are able to provide a wide variety of services including surface water master planning; retrofit analysis and design; treatment system design; permitting; hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality monitoring; and water quality, flow and stage monitoring.

Surface Water Master Planning

BMP Selection and Design

Surface Water Retrofit

Hydrologic, Hydraulic & Water Quality Modeling

Federal, State and Local Surface Water Permitting

Flow & Stage Monitoring

Surface Water Master Planning :

Whether it is a single watershed, a county or a multi-county analysis, we have the experience and expertise to provide the needed master plan. Master planning provides a look at the whole and not one or two facets of a watershed. It begins with the physical properties of boundary, ground elevations, rights-of-ways, easements, ground cover, stream and overland flow characteristics and continues with calculated capacities for conveying and treating runoff and finishing with needed improvements, level of service and financing the work. The work may be operations and maintenance or capital improvements. These expenditures are to maintain and improve, where needed, the conveyance capacity, water quality and native vegetation where feasible physically, socially and economically.

BMP Selection and Design :

There are numerous water bodies within Southwest Florida that have been identified by FDEP as impaired. A piece of the solution to get these water bodies to meet water quality standards are local and regional surface water treatment systems. We have worked with both public and private clients to design treatment systems including lakes, rain gardens, filter marshes and proprietary BMPs to improve the water quality discharging to these impaired water bodies. We have worked to make these systems more palatable by making them amenities instead of just treatment areas. When designing these systems, we take the time to design them to provide the water treatment while also providing wildlife utilization and aesthetics where practicable.

Surface Water Retrofit :

Retrofit projects can be some of the most challenging and complex. May times it is not physically or financially feasible to completely fix an existing problem. Our team of surface water professionals understand this and are able to work with our clients and interested third parties to come up with the best financially feasible solution.

Water quality is now in the forefront of all retrofit projects. The days of fixing a flooding problem by just improving the conveyance capacity are gone. Water treatment must be incorporated into the solution or the solution will not get through permitting. The flooding and water quality problems must be solved simultaneously even though they often work at odds to each other. Our experience and understanding of the hydraulics and hydrology and surface water BMPs helps us solve both problems with one solution.

Surface Water Master Planning :

The Johnson Engineering surface water team has modeling experience on a wide range of projects. Our experience helps identify the needs and provide the services required for each individual project. We can utilize spreadsheet calculation for relatively small projects that are not anticipated to evoke much controversy. For larger projects that include significant third party interest, our team is able to utilize complex multi faceted models to answer a wide variety of questions from permitting agencies and interested third parties.

Federal, State and Local Surface Water Permitting :

Our surface water team works with local, state and federal permitting agencies on a wide range of projects on an almost daily basis. Our experience ranges from a small turn lane addition to several thousand acre mixed use developments and virtually everything in between. This variety of experience gives us a unique understanding of the agencies, their staff and their rules. Our continual contact with agency staff and their permitting processes allow us to stay up to date on any permitting changes that might occur. This allows us to help our clients by updating them on policy changes that could impact their project.

Flow & Stage Monitoring

The increased scrutiny associated with today’s projects make data much more important. Our surface water team understands this and is able to assist our clients by creating and implementing monitoring plans that increase the understanding of existing surface water management systems. We work with our clients, permitting agencies and other interested parties to create monitoring plans that satisfy all parties involved. After completing the monitoring plan our experienced team is able to install, maintain and monitor each piece of equipment through the life of the project. After completing the monitoring our team is able to interpret that information and utilize it to establish water table elevations, calibrate models and facilitate permitting. :

Our Clients

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