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The term 'Industrial architecture' is very generous. Architecture is the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings. The analyzing and guidance widely develop the importance of design integration and system services. Architecture is related to engineering in that performance is the crucial factor.

Nowadays, buildings are come into industrial innovation and some of the structures are developed into modern architectures. Industrial architecture is gently and regularly expanded.

Factors that affect Industrial Building Architect:

The Process of Manufacture

Manufacturing process involves various steps, what is the material used and how the raw materials are transferred from one stage to another. It requires the quantity to be stored in the storage area. Then how much manpower is needed in each stage.

The Requirements of the Machine

It needs to know the amount and gravity of the machine and also required the total amount of heat is generated in the machine. The temperature and ventilation requirements and the power supply needed these factors must affect the design process.

Waste Materials

Most of the industrial process encompasses into waste materials .to avoid these we need to consider the flow of these materials and the storage. For instance place organic waste collectors.


The process of industrial building, safety is the major concern that gives various fundamental risks. The standards of safety has started to improve the safety,with companies are giving more application to safety.

Lighting and Ventilation

The natural brightness and the airing are not only brunt the productivity. But also it plays the major role in the consumption of energy.

Objectives of Industrial Architecture

Identify your Industrial Building Architect Goals

How much amount of time you will spend at each phase of the architecture and the design will depend on these phase.

Identify the Absorption

You should identify your design, to determine that it will be used by other architects.

Identify your Constraint

You should understand your technology privileges and usage, so that you should not waste the time.

Architecture Design - Industrial Architecture

Architectural design (AD) is a significant and important publication. It is consistently at the leading edge of cultural hope and design. The AD also covers the topics as the history of architecture, the environment, the interior design and the urban design. Architectural design can perform various processes as,

  • Institutional Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Housing
  • Individual Homes
  • Master Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Healthcare Design
  • Aircraft Hangar Design
  • Urban Design
Planning Process is Divided into Two Sections:
  • Client's requirement, evaluation of the project, and inter relation of spaces.
  • The overall master planning design is contemporary, and it takes care of all the objectives of the client.
Technical Development:

The technical development process involves within the overall policies and process to acknowledge primitive goal of economic development. The Industrial insurgency led to the development of factories for large scale production. With subsequent changes in society.

Reviewing your Industrial Architecture:

Reviewing is seriously an important task; it is used to reduce the cost of mistakes. It finds the mistake and fixes it as possible. Reviewing is cost-effective, it also reduce the project cost and avoid the changes of the project failure. It reduces the time requirement for each review. It will be used to improve your Industrial Architecture.

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