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Rainwater harvesting is used to collecting and storing rainwater by using various future use purposes like Cultivating, gardening, etc.

Rainwater is normally collected in the artificial tanks. It is very important to the people living in the low rainfall areas.

It is a very low cost method to saving Rainwater for the future use.

How to Saving a Rain Water
  • Surface Harvesting
  • Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting

Do you know Why Harvesting Rainwater?

  • It helps to reduce the water supply bills to institutions, Companies and many factories
  • It reduces the stress of public water supply sources
  • It reduces flooding
  • It reduces the water demand of people for the future use

Components to Saving a Rainwater Harvesting Chennai:

First flush through downpipe

It is to prevent the dirt and waste material from the roofs to the tank storage filtering.

The water stored from room and it should be flows through tank by filtering processes

  • Storage tank
  • Ground
  • Underground
  • Sub-Surface
How to Keep Rain Water?
  • To maintain the tank as fresh by keeping repeated washes
  • The filtering materials could be replaced
  • The environment of the tank must be clean
  • Replace the white cement every year
  • Avoid wastage of water and using it in a good manner

Capture and Prevent Rainwater runoff - Rainwater Harvesting Chennai

During rain, water cannot flows into reliable surfaces like top of the roof, drainage etc. on the contrary the water flows through streets and roadways.

From the streets the waste water comes along with dirt, bacteria and viruses which cause intestinal disorders.

So we have to prevent these infections by storing water and keep it in a safe manner, which can be done by our volunteers from rainwater harvesting in Chennai

Alternative way to lower the runoff is roof green method:

On the top of the house we can plant vegetables and flowers. From the mud in plants absorbs water and stores in it. This vegetation reduces heat and also purifies the air. Lot of effects is made by this method.

This helps to maintain our home as a cool place. The rooftop vegetation helps grow vegetables in an organic manner. In rainwater harvesting in Chennai volunteers in Chennai make the process easily by avoiding wastage of plants during heavy rain. The excess of water will stored through pipes and keep it as groundwater.

These systems are also performed in our Rainwater harvesting Chennai. It is more useful and valuable process which is performed by us.

Do you want to save rainwater no worries? We are here

Rainwater harvesting helps conserve and augment the storage of groundwater aquifers, thereby improving the groundwater table. In coastal areas over extraction of groundwater leads to saline water intrusion. Rainwater harvesting Chennai gives the best result for harvest.

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